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How to learn Jiu-Jitsu

How to learn jiu-jitsu Chess is not something you can jump into without some knowledge of the game. You have to learn how each piece moves across the board with a strategy to capture the king. This metaphor is how I want to explain jiu-jitsu, Human Chess. I want to present the top 4 tips on learning the art of jiu-jitsu. Leave your ego at the door. There are plenty of what-ifs in jiu-jitsu. Only you can answer the reason you are training. Are you interested in competing where you get points? Are you trying to learn self-defense? Are you learning jiu-jitsu because of your job or because you are trying to lose weight? Regardless of your reasons to train, there must be an abandonment of your ego. The hard facts are there are going to be times when you lose, which creates a lot of frustration. Become a student of the art, then you will progress a lot quicker than other students who have ulterior motives. At end of each session thank your partner for the "roll" and be an encouragement to learn and grow. A reminder ego kills progress. Know your strengths.

When you are training understand the limitations of your body. Comprehending what your strengths are is paramount to growth. For example, if you are flexible as a two by four do not concentrate on molding your game around rubber guard. If you are athletic, then use it. If you are not, then learn to tie people up and control them so you can "withstand the storm" as I like to say. Sometimes surviving in jiu-jitsu is what it is all about. Be aware that technique always beats strength and size.

Confidence comes from doing what you know you are supposed to be doing. I love this one because it applies to everything in life. Are you someone who never gets noticed at work? Are you just doing the bare minimum? Are you the one not having the love life you want? Are you being selfish? The same thing applies to learning jiu-jitsu. Jiu-jitsu is all about the basics. The basics are when your instructor tells you to drill and you do not look around and kill time. Get your extra reps in for it will make you better. When you put in extra work, your confidence will shoot through the roof, which prepares you for a real fight where you can defend yourself and those you love. Use these principles when rolling as well. If you know you suck from your back then start from your back. This beginning will create opportunities to close up holes in your game so improvement will continue. Learn the basics Yes, jiu-jitsu can be flashy and exciting but in the beginning stick with the basics. The greatest in history typically won with the basics. Understand what you are training for and use that as your motivation. For instance, if you are doing it for self-defense understand that you will not want to shoot a double leg on concrete. Drop your knee to the ground and now you might be the one on your back because you cannot stand. Understanding the survival positions of each position and minimizing your chance to get attacked decreases. You cannot always be the hammer just make sure when you are the nail, you can survive to get back to a dominant position. In closing, remember to have fun and keep an open mind when you are in class. I have experienced through training jiu-jitsu since 2002, I am a calmer version of who I was once before. I find myself avoiding situations that a younger version of myself would have tested my “mettle." Of course, there are instances where you have no choice to be combative. Remember to stay calm and understand you have the confidence to handle an individual, which gives you peace of mind to just tell them “not today Satan”. Todays Challenge Get outside of your comfort zone and throw yourself into side control with a 280-pound brown belt. That will show you what you need to know about yourself and your mettle.

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